We provide precision laser cutting as a part of our Contract Manufacturing services.

High precision cutting is an integral part of many modern micromanufacturing processes, and has especially found application in the cutting of metal and polymer stents in the medical devices industry. Using proprietary tools for process monitoring, our cutter machines can offer unrivalled accuracy and reliability.

Blueacre Technology has vast experience in cutting a variety of materials for a huge range of purposes. Our bespoke machines are designed and manufactured to provide a competitive edge reducing burring and offering extreme precision and speed.

We are your ideal supplier for small, thin, delicate and high-precision parts laser cut from a variety of metals and plastics, in flat or tube form.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • Flexibility: Minimal setup time makes it possible to do both small runs and large runs with a great deal of flexibility.
  • Higher Quality Parts: High level of precision for each cut and saves time by helping you avoid many secondary operations like deburring. Edge quality is far superior to other cutting methods.
  • Tight Tolerances: Standard Cutting Tolerance +/- .001” means accurate & precise parts.
  • Time and Material Efficiency from Nesting: Close-nesting of parts ensures that material utilization drastically improves. There is minimal material waste when jobs are properly nested which results in cost savings for our customers.
  • Repeatability: Intricate pieces with slots, holes, angles, or detailed patterns can be created over and over with the same results.
  • Small HAZ: Our technology also minimizes Heat Affected Zones (HAZs) which results in very little – if any – chemical change to the material.