Blueacre Technology specializes in micro-drilling. We have some of the most advanced hole drilling capabilities and are continually developing new processes to drill holes as small as 1 micron.

Our Engineers will work closely with you to fully understand the requirements for your microholes (eg. materials, part thickness, desired feature geometries, taper, etc.) and recommend a process that will satisfy both your prototyping and production needs.

Examples of Materials that Blueacre Technology has microdrilled include:

  • Microhole Drilling in Polymers (Plastics): Polyimide (Kapton), Polycarbonate, PEEK, LDPE, Silicone, ABS, Nylon and more.
  • Microhole Drilling in Metals: Stainless Steel, Copper, Nitinol, Brass, Tantalum, Titanium, Aluminum and more.

In addition to microhole drilling polymers and metals, Blueacre Technology can drill Ceramic, Silicon Wafers, Glass and more.

Advantages of Laser Drilling

  • No drill breakage or tool wear – Due to the non-contact process
  • Unlimited hole sizes and shapes – Due to the programming flexibility
  • Drill holes on angled and curved surfaces – Due to the non-contact process and multi-axis capability
  • Ability to drill both hard and soft materials – Due to the non-contact cutting process
  • Cost competitive – Due to the fast drilling cycles, no consumable costs and minimal downtime