Quantum–Cut Polymer

Polymer removal from metal substrates is a common requirement in the medical device and micromanufacturing industries. Using advanced laser processing techniques it is possible to selectively ablate a material from the surface, without damage to the material beneath.
Used in conjunction with laser annealing technology it is possible to produce a perfect cut on braided structures without unravelling.

  • Selectively remove material from the part without causing damage to the structure
  • Cut braided structures without unravelling
  • High reliability and yield
  • High speed, high throughput
  • Flexible & Customisable
  • Fully CE compliant

Positioning system

XY axis
Axis type 2D Galvo scanner
Travel Range 50-200mm
Maximum travel speed 3000 mm/s
Accuracy up to ± 5μm
Repeatability up to ±1μm
Resolution 250nm
U axis
Travel U ±360° Continuous
Maximum travel speed 600 RPM
Run-out <25µm
Accuracy ± 72.7µrad
Repeatability ± 29µrad
Resolution 0.873µrad
Z axis (optional for auto focus)
Travel Z 50 mm
Maximum travel speed 300 mm/s
Maximum linear acceleration 5 m/s2 (no load)
Accuracy up to ± 6μm
Repeatability ±1μm
Resolution 500nm


Spot size (optics and wavelength dependent) down to 10μm
Laser wavelength 1064nm for annealing / cutting355nm for polymer stripping

* see “Laser Options” for further details



System control Industrial HMI with control PC running MS Windows OS, HD touch-screen display with user-friendly GUI, Aerotech A3200 Motion controller
Laser and motion synchronization Laser pulse synchronized output for constant velocity cutting producing optimum results


Graphical User interface Process control, manual motion control, machine self-diagnostics, user login, on-screen vision system
Database interaction Interfacing with FDA approved databases via SQL (optional). User access control via login through MS Active Directory (optional).

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (approx.), W×D×H 1300×1200×1700 mm
Power requirements, maximum 4500 W

(* Machine can be customised on request.)

Laser Wavelength Power Pulse duration Repetition rate Beam quality
Fiber laser (annealing & cutting) 1070nm 50-300W Continuous Modulation up to 50kHz M2<1.05
ns laser (selective ablation) 355nm up to 11W <30 ns Single shot to 200kHz M2<1.3