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Blueacre Technology are specialists in the field of laser marking and engraving.

Using our custom built laser system we can laser mark most materials including; Stainless Steel, Titanium, Alloys, Inconel, Nitinol, Aluminium, Nylon, Acetyl, PEEK, and a range of ceramics.

Markings can include any combination of text, part/batch numbers, sequential serial numbers, bar-codes, 2D matrix codes, company logos, images, and line drawings.

Our laser Marking and Engraving System offers many advantages:

  • High contrast mark with minimal material removal
  • Deep etch capability
  • Permeate mark which can be filled in
  • Small feature size down to 10 micron

We supply custom built laser marking machines if you require in house capabilities and also a cost effective, fast turn around marking service if you wish to outsource.

If you have a need for laser marking please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Low Cost Laser marking System
  • Fully CE compliant Class 1 laser system
  • Pre-installed process library for marking multiple materials Mark metals, plastics and anodised surfaces
  • 20W air cooled Fibre laser with >20khrs lifetime
  • Large 180 X 180mm marking field
  • Engraving capability


  • 20W pulsed IPG fiber laser
  • 1064nm wavelength
  • 100ns pulse duration
  • 20kHz to 200kHz pulse frequency for fast marking applications
  • Pulse energy up to 1mJ at 20kHZ for deep engraving
  • Air cooled laser system for ease of maintenance

Motion Control

  • Scanning Galvo with scanning speed up to 3000mm/s, position speed 10000mm/s
  • Writing speed of 340 characters per second at high quality settings
  • Manual Z-axis for focus adjustment with 300mm range


  • F-Theta Scan lens focal length 254mm (comes with protective window)
  • Laser marking field 175mmx175mm
  • Laser spot size at focus 25µm-30µm approx
  • Red guild laser beam for part alignment and setup
  • Off axis red guide beam for simple focal plane setup


  • Dimensions 590mm wide, 750mm high, 750mm deep
  • Fully integrated package, no external laser source
  • Large laser safety viewing window 180mmx260mm
  • Laser enclosure can accommodate parts up to 450mmx250mm
  • Mass <50kg
  • T-Slot table for attachment of jigging and part handling
  • Class 1 laser enclosureCompliant with the Machinery Directive for safety (with E-Stop and Interlocks)
  • CE marked
  • Electrical connection 230V Single Phase through IEC connection on rear of device
  • External Connections to Fume Extractor interface (On/Off), Foot pedal connection, USB to PC
  • Fume Extraction connection to external extractor via hose
  • Front Panel LEDs for Power and Laser Emission indication
  • Keyswitch for laser enabling
  • Adjustable levelling feet


  • Standard laser marking software


  • Motorised Z axis with stepper motor
  • Additional scan lenses with 100mm and 160mm focal length to accommodate tall parts or high resolution requirements
  • Customised GUI and software on request
  • Can be supplied with PCC and be supplied with Fume Extraction