About Blueacre Technology

Blueacre Technology is a leader in precision manufacturing for the medical device and advanced industries.

Blueacre Technology deploys specialist expertise in laser micromachining and Swiss CNC to provide the highest level of precision, accuracy and repeatability in contract manufacturing for the medical device industry.

Through continuous investment in research and development and engineering capabilities, Blueacre Technology provides precision manufacturing services that are among the most advanced on the market.

Our History

Blueacre Technology was established in 2006 to harness the potential of laser technology to provide high precision manufacturing to the medical device industry. Since then, the company’s facilities, capabilities have grown and Blueacre Technology services global markets from its state of the art facility in Dundalk, Ireland.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most technologically advanced, highest quality and best value precision manufacturing solving our customers’ most challenging engineering demands.


Our vision is to be a partner to the world’s leading medical device manufacturers, providing the most technically advanced solutions for the next generation of medical devices.

For more information about our precision manufacturing services and solutions contact us today.