Swiss CNC

Swiss CNC

Blueacre Technology offers precision Swiss CNC machining to produce complex machined components. Swiss CNC enables high accuracy and precision machining of very small features. Blueacre Technology’s Swiss CNC equipment is capable of highly precise milling, tapping, turning, boring and drilling.

Swiss CNC can be used to manufacture a wide range of components such as medical screws, micro gears, micro nozzles, long slender pins, laparoscopic and other medical device components, implants, aerospace components and electronic contacts for connectors.

Blueacre Technology’s Swiss CNC lathe is aided by a full micro bar feed system with abilities for feeding 13mm down to 800 μm OD bar stock. The machine has 10 axis machining capabilities using front spindle turning tools with power driven tooling. The rear spindle has its own designated turning and power tool abilities. The Swiss machine has the ability for balance turning, optimal for machining long narrow parts without deflection.

Blueacre Technology’s Swiss CNC system is fully automated requiring minimal operator presence during production. The machine has a built-in pick and drop system which places a finished component onto a conveyor belt before dropping into an external holder. Quality checks can be carried out during production runs leading to minimum downtown for part inspection.

For the highest levels of precision on the widest range of materials, with the tightest levels of tolerance and high repeatability, the solution is Blueacre Technology Swiss CNC machining.

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