Shining light into the smallest and darkest of places, SEM analysis offers Blueacre’s clients a new dimension in quality assurance.  We now offer state-of-the-art SEM capabilities, including EDX analysis, to enable our customers to have complete assurance in the quality of their materials and our processes.  Talk to us about analysing your current processes, and we can work with you to trial, optimise and select the best solution for your medical devices.

Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis

Blueacre Technology offers state-of-the-art Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Analysis of parts, prior to, and after, processing.  The facility enables assessment of existing processes, and the ability to trial alternative methods and review results.  SEM analysis of your parts ensures complete satisfaction with the quality of Blueacre Technology processing and finishing, identifying and eliminating potential defects. 

  • 3D mapping
  • EDX (energy-dispersive X-ray)  analysis to characterize materials
  • Grain reveal in metals

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